Fiskars Warranty

I was very happy with Fiskars’ customer service recently, so I wanted to give them a plug and let other’s know about their great product warranty.

I have a Fiskars paper trimmer that I really like (compact, lightweight, extending arm, wire cutting guide, better for cutting small pieces of paper than my full size paper cutter).  The guide wire had started to unravel which was causing the trimmer blade to get stuck and the wire ends were sharp.  I wasn’t able to find a replacement wire in stores or online so I contacted Fiskars about their warranty.  They promptly agreed to send me a replacement ruler arm including new wire, which arrived in a week at no cost!  Being someone who hates to generate trash when not absolutely necessary (“tree hugger” my husband and 15 year old daughter suggested) I was very happy to be able to replace the wire and not have to throw away the entire trimmer, not to mention saving money!

Several years ago I had a Fiskars border punch on which the handle broke.  Because of their Full Lifetime Warranty, they sent me a new punch at no cost.  I think I only needed to email them a photo of the broken punch.


Great products and great customer service!

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