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Lego Storage

This post was originally on my previous blog on September 2013.

My 12 year old daughter is a big fan of Lego building.  She has a large collection of Legos in her room and we recently found an inexpensive way to store them that has worked very well.

She had been collecting her Legos in many yogurt cups and other containers, and grouping them into cardboard trays from soup cans and other canned goods, but the trays of cups were spread out on her floor.

We found craft storage cubes which have four shelves each and the cardboard trays fit in them like drawers.  The Recollections 4 Shelf Organizer Cubes are available at Michael’s craft stores and go on sale a couple times a year.  I think we bought them with a buy one, get one free special.  You could also buy them one at a time 40% off coupons.  Make sure that whatever containers you use to put the Legos in will fit inside the shelf.

The cubes can be stacked or lined up along the wall.  The top of the cubes makes a nice place to display Lego sets or more storage area.

When she is building, she pulls out the trays of Legos she needs.  Then when she’s done, its easy to put the trays back on the shelves.  Legos can also be grouped into trays by type and labels added to the ends of the trays to easily locate the pieces needed.

Have fun organizing!