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I have tried a lot of yoga videos and even a class, but after all of them, my favorite is the Daily Yoga app.  This is a free app, available for iOS (iphone and iPad) and Android.  The free app is great and includes a dozen different yoga routines.

Even better, right now they are offering a summer special of 50% off on the subscription which gives you even more routines!  It’s a great time to try out the free app to see if you’d like the subscription at a discount.

What I like about this app is that the yoga routines are a perfect level for me.  Some videos I’ve watched have been too slow, too many poses with just breathing and poses that didn’t feel like they were challenging me.  Some have been too advanced with poses that were too challenging or required too many extra accessories such as straps and blocks.

I also really like that this app includes several time options for each routine, such as 10, 15 and 20 minutes.  I love being able to choose a length to fit my schedule.

I started doing yoga after having bad lower back pain last summer.  I’ve since found that just doing the the Daily Yoga for Back 10 minute routine once a week keeps my back healthy!  I even enjoy the feeling of stretched, warmed muscles after a routine so much that I’ve increased my yoga routines to several times a week.

UntitledTo see the special offer, install the free app on your mobile
device.  When you open the app, the special offer will pop-up as in the image at right.  Regular subscription prices are shown in the image below.  If you don’t catch the discounted subscription this time, they run specials periodically and they’ll pop-up when you open the app.

Enjoy and Nameste!


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