Cub Scout TV Station Tour Video

My husband was trying to schedule a TV station or other media office tour to satisfy a requirement for the Cub Scout Tiger badge but he couldn’t find anywhere local that could accommodate us.  He found an online video of a TV station tour that the Den leader agreed would satisfy this requirement.  I am sharing the link here for others who may be trying to find a way to meet this requirement too.

TV Station Tour / Behind the Scenes” by wfmynews2 in North Carolina.

Following are my husband’s comments on the video:

“I just watched this 6 part series (about 3 minutes each, or 20 minutes
total).  I found it really interesting, and if the kids are getting
restless you can encourage them with the fact that there are a few
bloopers at the end of the reel.  They have a few sections where they explain some techno-babble, but other than that VERY appropriate for this age group [grade 1].”

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