Back To School Picture Books

If your kids are like mine, they can’t bear to even think about going back to school yet.  But it’s coming whether they like it or not.  Now’s a good time to get into the mind frame with some of these humorous and inspirational books!

Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break if You Want to Survive the School Bus
By John Grandits
Kyle is riding the school bus for the first time so his brother gave him a list of rules.  How will he ever be able to follow all of them?!



First Day Jitters
It’s the first day at her new school and Sarah Jane Hartwell is nervous. With some coaxing she gets up and gets ready for school. But things are not always what they seem.




Marshall Armstrong Is New to Our School
By David Mackinstosh
Marshall is very different from everyone at his new school.  But one of his classmates gets to know him and comes to have a new opinion on making friends with new classmates.



Freedom School, Yes!
By Amy Littlesugar, Illustrated by Floyd Cooper
Most children are reluctant to return to school in the fall, but they may feel differently after hearing the challenges Jolie overcomes to attend school.  It’s 1964 and a Freedom School teacher comes to teach in Jolie’s community in Mississippi, but others in the community don’t want Jolie, her family and friends to attend school.  This book is based on interviews with actual Freedom School teachers who taught black children and adults in Mississippi.

My Teacher’s Secret Life
By Stephen Krensky, Illustrated by JoAnn Adinolfi
Kids are always surprised to see their teachers outside of school.  This is a cute story about a boy who thinks he knows what his teacher does when the kids leave school, but starts to wonder when he sees her in the community.



My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not.)
Bobby’s teacher is a monster. She’s often yelling and stomping. After they see each other in the park and spend some time together, they both see each other differently. A story that is both funny and sweet.

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