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Greetings and Welcome! Here are a few things I like which may help you understand a little more about me.


I graduated from Glenelg High School in Glenelg, Maryland before attending and graduating from Loyola College in Maryland where I met my wife Stacy, [Wedding Picture]. I have a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematical Science.


I enjoy Humor ( e-mail me, I love a good joke), Sports, Science Fiction TV, and a bunch of other miscellaneous recreational activities (click here, for a list of Lotsa links on Lotsa topics). Recently, I have taken up researching my family history by becoming addicted to Genealogy. My liberal arts education has also allowed me to respect such masters as William Shakespeare. And I have always been fond of Classical Music. Recently, however, I have found myself listening to a lot of country music. Also, check-out my Book Recommendations.

Friends & Family on the Net

Stacy (Limberger) Ichniowski
JPI Enterprises (Pat Ichniowski)

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DISCLAIMER: I tried to paint a picture of me, by telling you a little about me. If anything on this page or linked to, either directly or indirectly, offends you, then don't go there.

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