Used Car Salesman Quotes

     Below is a list of things that a new/used car salesperson might say, and what they mean:

Used Car Saleman: Worth Every Penny!
Translation: Every penny is one cent, that is what it's worth.

Used Car Saleman: Garage Kept!
Translation: The garage kept this car while the owner got a loan for repairs.

Used Car Saleman: The Car of Your Dreams!
Translation: You remember these dreams, waking up with your heart racing, don't you?

Used Car Saleman: Everybody Wants One of These!
Translation: This is one of the most frequently stolen cars.

Used Car Saleman: Driver's Side Airbag!
Translation: Get your auto insurance to pay for your spouses much needed plasic surgery.

Used Car Saleman: Last Years Model!
Translation: Everyone else found it's faults, can you?

Used Car Saleman: Great Gas Mileage!
Translation: You'll have a hard enough time getting it started, let alone burn gas.

Used Car Saleman: Dealer Demo!
Translation: We tried it, we're unloading it.

Used Car Saleman: You Can Aford It!
Translation: Our bank likes you/your co-signers collateral.

Used Car Saleman: Easy Payments!
Translation: EASY ( Expect About Seven Years) Payments.

Used Car Saleman: Low Mileage!
Translation: Odometer broken.

Used Car Saleman: New Tires!
Translation: Bad Front end alignment destroyed the old tires.

Used Car Saleman: These are Getting Hard To Find!
Translation: Scrap metal prices keep going up.

Used Car Saleman: Owned by a Little Old Lady!
Translation: She's selling it 'cause her grandkids use it so much, she never gets to.

Used Car Saleman: Let me show you something else you might like!
Translation: Let me show you what makes me the most commission.

Used Car Saleman: What can I do to put you in this car today!
Translation: Please buy this before your friends warn you about buying from me.

Used Car Saleman: Let me talk to my manager about what we can do!
Translation: Let's see if you'll fall for this figure.

Used Car Saleman: That's our Rock Bottom Price!
Translation: I'll eat Steak and Lobster for a month.

Used Car Saleman: You made the right choice!
Translation: You made us a lot of money.

Used Car Saleman: Better not wait too long, this one will not last!
Translation: The bank is repo'ing our cars on Saturday.